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Term Papers 91 - 108

Adoring & Dying Romeo & Juliet

Fate plays a chief role in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet belong to feuding families. The fami...

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FoosEatter86 Published on 06/05/2001 1141 Reads Romeo And Juliet

The Things They Carried & A Soldier's Sweetheart

Difference Between Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong & A Soldier's Sweetheart Once a successful novel hits the market, producers ...

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kajolkutty Published on 06/07/2001 1497 Reads Literature

Body Image - A Body Unknown

It happened suddenly, surprisingly and overnight. One day I was a child and the next I was a sex object. Catching everyone from fr...

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Escada Published on 08/13/2001 4674 Reads Social Issues

Desiderius Erasmus - "Prince of the Humanists"

A date that may have little connotation in the minds of history students everywhere was, in fact, the date that gave birth to a ma...

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bored_rxqueen Published on 08/12/2001 2179 Reads Biographies

A Father Does Not Always Know Best

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain brilliantly illustrates a boy's travels down the Mississippi and the trials and t...

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yrbkgal Published on 06/03/2001 1647 Reads The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

South Africa - diverse in culture but could be unified in language

South Africa is diverse in culture but could be unified in language. English should be South Africa’s unifying language. It is nec...

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wendee Published on 06/04/2001 1245 Reads Social Issues

Kurt Cobain & Jim Morrison - Poets of a generation

Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison were more than leads of great bands. They were heros of their generations. They had so many talents a...

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KPOSTHRTSS Published on 08/16/2001 1643 Reads Art And Music

Edgar Allen Poe: His Life and His Work

In human nature there exists a morbid desire to explore the darker realms of life. As sensitive beings we make every effort to den...

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jdewitt70 Published on 08/15/2001 1977 Reads Poetry

The Author to Her Book

Writing poetry can be a deeply personal (and sometimes painful) process. If talent and luck prevails, the poet will actually produ...

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jdewitt70 Published on 08/15/2001 1606 Reads Literature

Les Miserables

Can we really say we know what a hard life is? The character Fantine in Les Miserables definitely had a hard life, with no breaks....

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Manny33man Published on 12/04/2000 1862 Reads Literature

Boesman and Lena - A Uniquely South African Play

Boesman and Lena depicts a brief period in the lives of a non-white couple, struggling in Apartheid era South Africa. The play beg...

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mtvass Published on 02/28/2001 3326 Reads Literature

Macbeth's "Tomarrow, Tomarrow" Speech vs. Robert Frost's "Out, Out - " Poem

An unknown author once wrote “Never take life too seriously; after all, no one gets out of it alive”. When reading this quote, the...

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Rowchygogo Published on 04/08/2001 4334 Reads Macbeth

The Industrial Revolution

Examine in detail the History of the Industrial Revolution. Discuss why Britain led the way in the Industrial Revolution and also ...

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hashz Published on 02/24/2001 907 Reads European History

Contrasting MacBeth's Two Meetings with the Witches

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth there are two instances in which Macbeth comes into with the three witches. These two instances a...

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Dukedrone Published on 06/13/2001 1347 Reads Macbeth

Rape from I know why the caged bird sings

“I take a look through the bars at the last sights of a world that has gone very wrong for me. Can it be there’s some sort of erro...

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nye1324 Published on 05/03/2001 1840 Reads I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Mobile Phones in Business

Introduction to Mobile Phone Mobile Phone is a wireless device that emits RFR (radio-frequency radiation) to transmit data and al...

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asiung24 Published on 04/16/2001 1702 Reads Technology

The Swirls of Emotions

Emotions can be classified, according to your personal experience, into three different categories: happiness, sadness, and anger....

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Admin Published on 11/16/2000 1143 Reads Creative Writing

The Green Mile

William Faulkner said that "The best literature is about the old universal truths, such as love, honor, pride, compassion, and sac...

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Admin Published on 05/05/2000 2265 Reads Literature

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