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Term Papers 91 - 108

The Money Supply and the Reserves

The writer discusses the relationship between the money supply and the official reserves, and the way each changes in response to ... ...

Alcohol Luxury Taxes

In nine pages the ineffectiveness of alcohol luxury taxes on consumption regulation is examined. Ten sources are cited in the bib... ...

Fifteen Percent Dole Tax Cut Plan

In eight pages this research paper provides a plan description, points out its resemblance to supply side economics and flat taxat... ...

A boy pierce in neck by iron spike

It was a sunny monday morning. A group of boys were playing a game of football in a field......

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freezon6 Published on 07/05/2006 1274 Reads Creative Writing

Family, Values, Organization of the Cherokee

In six pages this paper examines the Cherokee in a consideration of clans, the family structure, and the impact of culture upon va... ...

How politically liberating is rap music?

NWA was a gangsta rap crew who told stories of the ‘hustler’ lifestyle where “life ain’t nothin’ but bitches and money.” As such, ...

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Heinous_Bitch Published on 05/12/2002 2618 Reads Art And Music

The Controversial Rose

Authors traditionally use symbolism [as a way] to represent the sometimes-intangible qualities of the characters, places, and even...

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babie220 Published on 04/12/2002 2108 Reads Literature

Education & Public Morality in Australia

The Influence of Education & Public Morality in Australia during 1788-1900 While Christianity played a crucial part in all aspe...

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Nour Published on 06/17/2001 1109 Reads Religion

Lord Capulet

In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Lord Capulet is a very prominent character. He is wealthy and a leader in his ...

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chrisse145 Published on 06/25/2001 2984 Reads Romeo And Juliet

I Have to be With You

I felt the breath of the wind tickling my back, I felt the cold hands of the clouds on my face. I could hear the whisper of the ...

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sizzler1014 Published on 06/16/2001 1280 Reads Poems

K went to L

Katie loved Luke, he loved her too. They went out for a moment or two. It ended so soon, he wanted her back. Courtney wen...

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honeybaby_05 Published on 06/16/2001 1123 Reads Poems

King Lear's Sins

Why do bad things happen to good people? The majority of society believes that there are no logical answers to this question. The ...

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bambooza Published on 06/01/2001 2194 Reads King Lear

Belief Systems - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam

Belief systems, or religions are perhaps the strongest force in society. All of these beliefs are important to each religion in th...

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di Published on 06/01/2001 1788 Reads Religion

The Role and Functions of New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government has made significant changes to the economy throughout the last 15 years. The operation and organisatio...

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mussmann Published on 06/02/2001 1451 Reads Politics

Bill Gates

New Learning – “A Life Worth Knowing About” William Henry Gates, also known as “Bill”, has established himself as the richest m...

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schroedez Published on 06/02/2001 1398 Reads Biographies

Jackie Robinson

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919. He was born in Cairo, Georgia and was the youngest of five children. He had a g...

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schroedez Published on 06/02/2001 1705 Reads Biographies

Hamlet Act I scene ii 1-179 - ambiguous characters

I do agree that the characters in this scene are portrayed in a very ambiguous manner. At this point in the play, many of the char...

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azurefyre Published on 07/09/2001 1639 Reads Hamlet

Richard III: How are McKellen's aims achieved?

"To make Shakespeare accessible". Ian McKellen aimed for this when making the film Richard III and to many degrees, the aim was ac...

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merlin Published on 07/15/2001 1235 Reads Film

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