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Computers and the Law

This paper consists of five pages and examines the various ways in which judges and lawyers utilize computers. Five sources are c... ...

Antitrust Case of Bill Gates and Microsoft

In five pages this paper examines the federal government's antitrust suit against Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates in a consid... ...

Spices and Herbs

In five pages this paper discusses the history and uses of several important spices and herbs including pepper, cinnamon, sage, ba... ...

The theme of contrast as presented in Jane Eyre

There are numerous examples of the use of contrast in Bronte's novel, as the heroine undergoes conflicts between various different... ...

Delinquency and Parental Attachment

In five pages this paper examines delinquency in a consideration of parental attachment impact. There is no bibliography included... ...

Hamlet Essay

Comment on Hamlet's madness. Do you think it was altogether assumed or can you offer evidence to suggest that Hamlet was not alway...

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Admin Published on 01/22/1999 1272 Reads Hamlet

Alice in Credit Card Land

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Your credit card is stolen. You place a phone call...

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palma Published on 09/11/2000 1231 Reads Business and Economics


To Act or Not to Act Something was definitely rotten in the state of Denmark: the king was dead of a murder most foul, a betrayal...

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Philshaf Published on 05/22/2000 1118 Reads Hamlet

Benifits of Scientific Knowledge on Health and Behavior

Today we are relishing the ambrosial taste of the modern scientific technology and applications. Science and technologies are in t...

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harrismirza Published on 11/01/2000 1039 Reads Science And Technology

Pet Shop

I?ve been in lots of pet shop, and they?fve alwaays seemed to be cute, happy, friendly, clean places. That?fs why, on a recent Sun...

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kmjk20 Published on 11/29/2000 1351 Reads Creative Writing

The Speckeld Band - Book Review

1. Name of book? The Speckled Band. 2. Author of book? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 3. Setting? The story took place in Baker...

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hashz Published on 02/24/2001 1284 Reads Book Reviews

Technology is the seed of our destruction

I agree and disagree with this statement. Technology has become very important in our society recently, and more people are gettin...

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tallshipchick Published on 01/21/2001 1501 Reads Technology

Search Engines

There are currently over a billion pages of information on the Internet about every topic imaginable. The question is how can you ...

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blesar Published on 04/16/2001 1581 Reads Technology


When I was little, I used to dream about being the Governor of Hong Kong. I still remember the composition I wrote in my primary s...

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CollegeKid2002 Published on 10/22/2001 1161 Reads Creative Writing

Always a Motive

The Characteristics of Joe Manetti, a hopeless victim Joe Manetti, a confused young man, has lost his son in a tragic accident ...

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PaulineM Published on 11/05/2001 2779 Reads Literature

Differences between 'of mice and men' and the withered arm

“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is a novel involving two extremely different main characters. George is reasonably intelligent...

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Admin Published on 03/13/2001 1834 Reads Of Mice And Men

Fulfiling Dr. Kings Dream

Dr. King is a man that preached non-violence amongst all people, a man that stood up for what he believed was right and just. This...

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Admin Published on 12/05/2000 925 Reads Social Issues

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

What is the purpose of L I F E?" "My life?""Your Life?" People everywhere are asking the questions; "What is the purpose of li...

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Marocaine Published on 12/08/2003 668 Reads Religion


Kant and Mill’s Theories In July of 1994, Paul J. Hill, a former Presbyterian minister and later a pro-life activist, was pr...

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marthap Published on 03/30/2004 1817 Reads Abortion

La Jetee - Report

Chris Marker’s 1962 La Jetée is one of the most influential films of its time. The 28-minute film is almost entirely compiled of ...

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absynthe Published on 10/03/2004 2033 Reads Art And Music

Effects Of Divorce

Divorce- Is it justified? By Kheyal Azam Khalil It is commonly believed that the consequences of one’s actions are to be suff...

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Kheyal Published on 10/03/2004 1069 Reads Social Issues

Social and Political Change in A Tale of Two Cities

Government has been an essential part to any civilization for as long as human kind has existed. People who disagree with the gove...

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RKsPunkChick823 Published on 12/05/2004 2324 Reads A Tale Of Two Cities

How far was Hitler’s foreign policy to blame for the outbreak of war in the 1939?

In this essay, I am going to discuss about whether Hitler was to blame for the outbreak of war in the 1939 or not. Hitler’s foreig...

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Mumei Published on 02/05/2006 12214 Reads History

Case of the Shipwrecked Sailors- Prosecution

In the “case of the shipwrecked sailors”, three men were marooned after the sinking of an oil tanker. Subject to extreme condition...

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somethingsotrue Published on 02/06/2006 3680 Reads Law

GW 2 players will be accessible not only to the usual tools

Guild could have its individual scale to gain encounter. Don't concern yourself, that doesn't mean the individuality provides publ...

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2guildwars2 Published on 10/18/2012 3772 Reads Poems

International support for the Whites during the Russian civil war was woefully inadequate

“International support for the Whites during the Russian civil war was woefully inadequate”. How valid is this judgement? I will ...

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funkye Published on 08/30/2006 2177 Reads History

Role of Information Technology in Real Estate

INTRODUCTION The real estate industry brings together people and information. For example, information from a real estate d...

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Shailesh Published on 10/12/2007 3286 Reads Science And Technology

My Scar Story

One of my scars is on my left knee. I happened on a sunny day when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It was in the summer time and I ...

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lsierra Published on 10/14/2006 1346 Reads Creative Writing

An Examination of the Economy In Depth

In twelve pages indicators and charts are employed in this examination of the economy that includes unemployment rates, GDP, CPI, ... ...

Stock Market Investing

In five pages this paper considers various investment strategies for mutual funds, bonds, and stocks with mutual funds being regar... ...