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Dark Matter

There is perhaps no current problem of greater importance to astrophysics and cosmology than that of "dark matter". The controvers...

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ohm07 Published on 06/25/2001 1787 Reads Physics

Architectural Fetishes

In eighteen pages fetish architecture is examined in terms of uses, time periods, and various techniques. There is also the inclu... ...

First Day at School

¡§Mel, Mel! It¡¦s already seven! You¡¦re late!¡¨ I tossed furiously on my bed, groaning in annoyance. I lay still for a moment ...

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vlad5017 Published on 03/04/2004 1315 Reads Creative Writing

At their wedding, with the wedding dress, a grand performance life is the most splendid.

Choose a beautiful satin dress at store, let the chest V design exquisite collar design elegant show. Design of ...

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Canprom Published on 05/16/2013 2744 Reads Poems

Abortion: the cause and effect

The Aftermath of an Abortion To have abortion or not is a very difficult choice to make. The final choice comes from religious an...

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sean21 Published on 11/05/2001 2584 Reads Abortion

Bipolar Disorder

The phenomenon of bipolar affective disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century. History has shown that this affliction can...

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Admin Published on 01/08/2000 1212 Reads Science And Technology

Overview of the Stock Market

In five pages the workings of the stock market are the focus of this overview. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...

Funeral Rituals In Nigeria, China, and India

This paper addresses death and funeral rituals in the countries of India, China, and Nigeria. This six page paper has six sources... ...

Blanche the Monarch Butterfly in a Streetcar Named Desire

In A Streetcar named Desire, Williams uses theme and motifs to introduce and dive deep into the play’s characters. In the beginnin...

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jleg24 Published on 11/25/2014 6231 Reads Literature

Real Estate Market and Effects of Downsizing

In nine pages the effects of downsizing on commercial and residential real estate markets are discussed. Seven sources are cited ... ...

The Nightmare

I couldn't wait for my family and I to take our annual vacation. It was during those times that I enjoyed myself most. I had antic...

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SBihsnum Published on 02/13/2001 896 Reads Creative Writing

Saving Lives by Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In six pages this paper argues that lives were saved by the U.S. decision to drop atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Six s... ...


Power is, as anyone will tell you, a tantalizing addiction. The natural human craving for power derives from the simple ideals of ...

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Curufin Published on 07/15/2002 1109 Reads Miscellaneous

Overview of the Bernese Mountain Dog

In five pages this paper presents an overview of this dog breed and considers a hypothetical interview with Kleiman, a man who has... ...


To what extent do the surroundings of an individual affect who they become? Does free thinking really exist? Almost everything an ...

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PandaRose Published on 05/26/2004 1331 Reads Literature

Food Supply and the United States Pacific Rim Region

In ten pages this paper discusses the impressive food supply in the region known as the US Pacific Rim. Five sources are cited in... ...

Invisibility of the Invisible Man

Living in the city, one sees many homeless people. After a while, each person loses any individuality and only becomes “another ho...

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je11y_00 Published on 10/27/2000 2290 Reads Invisible Man

Silas Marner and Hard Times: Redemption

The discussion will take place first in Silas Marner novel. It is taken to be first since it needs full concentration of the reade...

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breeze_whisper Published on 05/08/2001 1687 Reads Literature

To Kill A Mockingbird - Who Is The Most Guilty

Who is the most guilty? Review the involvement’s of the characters in the novel and evaluate weather or not they were guilty, and ...

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dazedandconfsed9 Published on 05/16/2000 1220 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

American Beauty: The American Tragedy?

In life, everyone must make choices. Choices give an individual the freedom to decide upon the path to which they will follow. Sin...

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vencenza Published on 11/30/2000 1587 Reads Film

Othello - A Tragedy Without Meaning?

A tragedy without meaning ‘Othello’ is not, as the very genre of tragedy seeks to imitate action and life, both of which have an i...

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Admin Published on 10/12/2000 1474 Reads Othello

Personal Advantages

Qn: “Orwell was really suggesting that the overthrow of unjust regimes tended to be done in a blaze of noble ideals, but inevitabl...

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lightseeker Published on 02/19/2004 1966 Reads Animal Farm

Coalwood & Homer Hickam, Jr.

Homer Hickam, Jr. had a dream too big for his small coalmining town of West Virginia, however, wit...

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The Arrow Published on 12/03/2003 2583 Reads Biographies

Chicago Architectural and Planning Impact of Edward Bennett and Daniel Burnham

A report consisting of five pages examines the planning and architecture of turn of the century Chicago and the impact of Bennett ... ...

When will it end?

You may heard of me in ancient history. I am Genghis Khan and I,would like to share a story that was not recorded in history.In 11...

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genghiskhan2000 Published on 08/24/2000 784 Reads Creative Writing

Thomas Jefferson Featured in 3 Biographies

In six pages this paper analyzes 3 bibliographical texts Annette Gordon Reed's An American Controversy, Virginius Dabney's The Jef... ...

Why Mesopotamia Is Great: Persuasive Essay

The “Land Between the Rivers” has been a source of both savage barbarism and great civilizations. Mesopotamian culture reached its...

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Marcel Published on 10/20/2001 1880 Reads History

Life as a Journey in poetry

Everyone is a traveler, choosing the roads to follow on the continuous journey of life; there exists not a path that leaves one wi...

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hilarios604 Published on 07/10/2002 1639 Reads Poetry

Forbidden Thoughts

Why? That’s all I have to ask, why. Why is it that there are people in this world who take advantage of their good fortune and kee...

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MafiaBoy85 Published on 03/14/2002 1193 Reads Creative Writing

The War of 1812

The topic of this book was about how the United States was unprepared when they fought the British and how the war did’nt really h...

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paintball331 Published on 09/05/2000 1406 Reads American History

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