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Paradise Lost - John Milton’s Satan; Hero or Not?

Throughout time, John Milton’s Paradise Lost has been studied by many people and comprehended in many different fashions, developi...

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tcooper1374 Published on 03/04/2001 2501 Reads Literature

Architectural Fetishes

In eighteen pages fetish architecture is examined in terms of uses, time periods, and various techniques. There is also the inclu... ...

Good vs Evil (losing a father) true story

Moody did not come home yet His toddler is crying His wife is warming the food But the cabis meter is still running ...

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saki Published on 03/31/2004 1972 Reads Poems

Informatiomn Management

Organisations in the public sector are more and more turning to information technology (IT) in order to comply with the central go...

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andrewsandon Published on 11/13/2006 2135 Reads Business and Economics

Scarlet Letter - Dangers of Hidden Sin

Sin is something society has had to deal with since mankind has known evil. In most circumstances, the sin only becomes a problem ...

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WelshHanny Published on 05/15/2002 3858 Reads The Scarlet Letter

Financing Transport Projects

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The role of government in facilitating transport p...

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palma Published on 09/11/2000 1150 Reads Social Issues

Overview of the Stock Market

In five pages the workings of the stock market are the focus of this overview. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...

Funeral Rituals In Nigeria, China, and India

This paper addresses death and funeral rituals in the countries of India, China, and Nigeria. This six page paper has six sources... ...

Real Estate Market and Effects of Downsizing

In nine pages the effects of downsizing on commercial and residential real estate markets are discussed. Seven sources are cited ... ...

Guild Wars 2 has had chance to indicate us

A few weeks following its start, Guild Wars 2 has had chance to indicate us what he had to give. Of course, you would be able to a...

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2guildwars2 Published on 09/12/2012 1797 Reads Poems

The nature of disease causing organisms and the mechanisms employed to combat them

The nature of DISEASE CAUSING ORGANISMS and the mechanisms employed by man to combat these organisms. What is disease? A diseas...

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anton970204 Published on 02/25/2001 1134 Reads Biology

Saving Lives by Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In six pages this paper argues that lives were saved by the U.S. decision to drop atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Six s... ...

Historical Misconceptions About Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

All Presidents have faced the challenge of keeping people united in times of conflict and turmoil; this specifically applied to Pr...

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trillianmcmillan Published on 07/30/2002 1769 Reads American History

Overview of the Bernese Mountain Dog

In five pages this paper presents an overview of this dog breed and considers a hypothetical interview with Kleiman, a man who has... ...

Food Supply and the United States Pacific Rim Region

In ten pages this paper discusses the impressive food supply in the region known as the US Pacific Rim. Five sources are cited in... ...


I stand. All is silent. Nothing moving. Quietness. But Wait…… A silent sound. There, yet with no proof. A deaf man’s voice....

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JAZZ Published on 09/14/2002 1391 Reads Poems

Mother Teresa

Biography Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born August 26, 1910 in Skopje, in Macedonia. Her childhood was comfortable and prosperous du...

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robw90 Published on 11/20/2000 1275 Reads Biographies

Canada Cultural Landscape

Canada is the world's second largest country, and it is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere. It comprises of the entire ...

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fred Published on 02/05/2001 1665 Reads Geography

The Murder of Oneself

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites Those who believe in the finality of death (i.e., ...

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palma Published on 10/15/2000 1626 Reads Euthanasia

Simon and Ralph Comparison at Chapter 3

Golding portrays the different characters and those ideologies that accompany them with a strong contrast in writing style. To fur...

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kelsey.lobsinger Published on 04/14/2000 1521 Reads Lord of the Flies

My Friend, Chris

There are many people in this world who hold great reputations. There are far fewer people who posess great character. A reputatio...

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ccchhhrrriiisss Published on 05/03/2001 1240 Reads Creative Writing

In what ways do social class, gender and raceeffect educational achievement?

In what ways do social class, gender and race effect educational achievement? ‘‘The evidence suggests that social class origins...

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jak832000 Published on 05/07/2004 2053 Reads Social Issues

The Gap in Graduates

The Gap in Graduates Over the years a high school diploma has become significantly more valuable. Advances in technology hav...

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Jiggaman827 Published on 10/20/2004 1280 Reads Social Issues

Chicago Architectural and Planning Impact of Edward Bennett and Daniel Burnham

A report consisting of five pages examines the planning and architecture of turn of the century Chicago and the impact of Bennett ... ...

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of my favorite singers. He is very famous, so most of all people in the world know him, at least his name. ...

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marikoyoshihara Published on 12/08/2000 1489 Reads Biographies

Thomas Jefferson Featured in 3 Biographies

In six pages this paper analyzes 3 bibliographical texts Annette Gordon Reed's An American Controversy, Virginius Dabney's The Jef... ...

Internet and Copyright Issues

In five pages copyright and ownership issues as they pertain to the Internet are discussed in terms of laws, regulations, and indi... ...

Town and City Crime Audits

In seven pages the ways in which a crime audit might be conducted by a Central Business District are considered with a discussion ... ...

Irish Author Maria Edgeworth

In ten pages this paper examines the life, times, and novels of nineteenth century author Maria Edgeworth. Nine sources are cited... ...

Sexual Slavery and Pornography

In four pages this argumentative essay takes a moral stance against pornography and cites its dangers and negativity. Three sourc... ...

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