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Greek Democracy

After watching the videos on Greece and talking about their way of life, I have learned a lot about them. I found that what they d...

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Mack55_23 Published on 12/14/2000 1320 Reads History

Architectural Fetishes

In eighteen pages fetish architecture is examined in terms of uses, time periods, and various techniques. There is also the inclu... ...

Who is more Flirtatious?

Who Is More Flirtatious?? What does the word flirt really mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? People ask these questions...

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Kristy923 Published on 01/15/2004 1439 Reads Creative Writing

How Did Hitler Come to Power in 1933?

Adolf Hitler was a very lucky man throughout his lifeÉ It was November 1918 and Germany signed the armistice ending the Fir...

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Svejk Published on 04/20/2006 2249 Reads Nazi Germany

Reason and Belief

Human beings have all sorts of beliefs. The way in which they arrive at them varies from reasoned argument to blind faith. Some be...

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Piesang Published on 09/08/2002 995 Reads Religion

Shakespeare's Ideas and Attributes Towards Kingship in Macbeth

With detailed reference to the characters of Macbeth, Duncan, Malcolm and Edward in the play ‘Macbeth’, analyse William Shakespear...

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philmorley_uk Published on 05/21/2000 1077 Reads Macbeth

Overview of the Stock Market

In five pages the workings of the stock market are the focus of this overview. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...

Funeral Rituals In Nigeria, China, and India

This paper addresses death and funeral rituals in the countries of India, China, and Nigeria. This six page paper has six sources... ...

Real Estate Market and Effects of Downsizing

In nine pages the effects of downsizing on commercial and residential real estate markets are discussed. Seven sources are cited ... ...


In this essay I will explore and explain one of William Shakespeare's tragically play Macbeth. In this aspect is that of the ...

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marshall007 Published on 02/24/2005 2173 Reads Admission Essay Writing Course

War poems Comparison - The Send-Off and Ducle et decorum est

All Wilfred Owens’s poems seem to rhyme. The ends of the alternate lines rhyme in most all of his poems for example in “The send o...

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[-red-] Published on 02/25/2001 2125 Reads Poetry

Saving Lives by Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In six pages this paper argues that lives were saved by the U.S. decision to drop atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Six s... ...

Discuss the success of Congresses as an independent branch of government

As the complexity of government increase, the legislative branches of many western democracies have lost power to their executives...

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jmurdoch Published on 03/17/2002 947 Reads Politics

Overview of the Bernese Mountain Dog

In five pages this paper presents an overview of this dog breed and considers a hypothetical interview with Kleiman, a man who has... ...

Food Supply and the United States Pacific Rim Region

In ten pages this paper discusses the impressive food supply in the region known as the US Pacific Rim. Five sources are cited in... ...

Danger Of Knowledge

English 1302 19 February 2004 Response Paper #2 Danger Of Knowledge Through the theme of dangerous knowl...

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simplyme Published on 03/02/2004 2965 Reads Frankenstein

Women's Right to Vote

After reading Francis Parkman's article, “Women Are Unfit to Vote”, I found myself both offended and annoyed. His arguments were n...

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Lm4103082 Published on 06/18/2000 2109 Reads Women's Rights

Was Colonialism Good for Uganda?

Introduction The past is another country, where it is only possible to go as a tourist, and which we will never fully understand....

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vaughan.phillips Published on 02/05/2001 2697 Reads History

Chaim Potok and the Problem of Assimilation for the American Jew

America has been a country of immigrants since Europeans first settled it over five hundred years ago. America has always faced th...

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qbgal Published on 08/03/2000 2005 Reads Literature

The Conflict Between the Individual and Society

The conflict between society and the individual is a theme portrayed throughout Twain's Huckleberry Finn. Huck was not raised in a...

Of Love

Of Love Feeble I, sick of life, stranded, in the youth of sins Went down the abyss of sorrow's sea like a fish with no fins, De...

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akifsafi Published on 03/29/2001 1609 Reads Poems

Tim Winton - "Scission" explores the joy and pain of living.

Topic: “Scission explores the joy and pain of living.” Discuss. Tim Winton”s collection of short stories, “Scission”, explores ...

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Laurestina Published on 08/10/2004 2152 Reads Literature

PSU soccer Field

PSU Soccer Field: So often we don’t take the time to explore the many wonderful and unique places right here in out own back yard...

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jessica143 Published on 04/20/2004 1391 Reads Miscellaneous

Chicago Architectural and Planning Impact of Edward Bennett and Daniel Burnham

A report consisting of five pages examines the planning and architecture of turn of the century Chicago and the impact of Bennett ... ...

Death: Friend or Foe?

It is just a fact we all must die! Some of us are afraid of the uncertainty that death brings. Therefore, it is regarded as an ene...

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masaki_konagai Published on 11/29/2000 1218 Reads Creative Writing

Thomas Jefferson Featured in 3 Biographies

In six pages this paper analyzes 3 bibliographical texts Annette Gordon Reed's An American Controversy, Virginius Dabney's The Jef... ...

Internet and Copyright Issues

In five pages copyright and ownership issues as they pertain to the Internet are discussed in terms of laws, regulations, and indi... ...

Town and City Crime Audits

In seven pages the ways in which a crime audit might be conducted by a Central Business District are considered with a discussion ... ...

Irish Author Maria Edgeworth

In ten pages this paper examines the life, times, and novels of nineteenth century author Maria Edgeworth. Nine sources are cited... ...

Sexual Slavery and Pornography

In four pages this argumentative essay takes a moral stance against pornography and cites its dangers and negativity. Three sourc... ...

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