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Term Papers 31 - 60

Financial Markets in Australia

In fifteen pages the current status of financial markets in Australia are examined in terms of problems and increased government p... ...

Euthanasia, Abortion, and Social Ethics

In six pages this paper analyzes chapters one and two from the Thomas Mappe and Jane Zembaty edited Social Ethics: Morality and So... ...

African American Reparation Argument

In six pages this research paper discusses the necessity of African American reparations as a result of 250 years of enslavement a... ...

Debate on Automobile Liability Insurance That is Compulsory

In seventeen pages this research paper considers the continuing problem in the United States of uninsured drivers and considers ho... ...

League of Nations

What were the League of Nations and the peace Treaty of World War I? The League of Nations was an alliance created to unite all...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 1777 Reads World War I

Beowulf: Heroism

Beowulf’s author is unknown, as are his motives and inspiration for the creation of the poem. Written some four hundred years befo...

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lord_samuel Published on 10/19/2000 1922 Reads Beowulf

Appointment in Samarra

In “Appointment in Samarra,” part of his last play Sheppy, Maugham retells an ancient Arabic fable. W. Somerset Maugham w...

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mhughes Published on 10/20/2004 2470 Reads Literature

The Day I Dreaded!

I gazed at the alarm clock that sat beside my bed; its loud beeping had woke me suddenly. Grabbing it, I pushed the bright red but...

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Terri McAvoy Published on 08/23/2002 1238 Reads Creative Writing

Mississippi burnt-historys distorted remains

In his 1988 film Mississippi Burning, Director Alan Parker sets out to corner the audience into an awareness of the segregation an...

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rafter Published on 05/05/2004 1304 Reads American History

Trade and Economy of Jordan

In ten pages the economic history of Jordan and the changes that will impact its dependence upon the U.S. and other nations are ex... ...

Overview of the North American Free Trade Agreement

In thirty pages this paper examines NAFTA in a critical overview of its major points. Twenty two sources are cited in the bibliog... ...

Alternative Construction Materials for Homes

In nine pages this research paper focuses on unusual home construction building materials that promote energy efficiency such as r... ...

Francis L.K. Hsu's Under the Ancestors' Shadow

In five pages this paper examines Francis L.K. Hsu's text in a consideration of various issues affecting China at the time of its ... ...

The Alien and Seditions Act

The debate over the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 revealed bitter controversies on a number of issues that had been developing s...

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Jeniffer Published on 03/19/2001 979 Reads American History

Antitrust and Regulation Issues of Economics

In seven pages various government regulatory issues pertaining to the media, telecommunications, and big business are discussed as... ...

Social Structure, Family Traditions, and the Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota Indians

In ten pages this research paper examines the Eastern Dakota's Sisseton Wahpeton tribe in terms of its political structure, social... ...


In our society today, movies and television shows are being broadcast all over the world to many genders, races, and ages. Some of...

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girlie4103 Published on 05/11/2000 1507 Reads Antigone

Congo: Regression after Independence

Instead of moving into a century of growth, The Congo seemed to regress after its independence in 1960. I feel that The Congo regr...

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skalawagdr Published on 10/09/2001 1570 Reads History

The Consequences of a Lead Migraine

The Consequences of a Lead Migraine He looked as his watch, a drop of sweat dripping from his forehead, his heart beating 20 ...

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ErAzAnGeL Published on 02/04/2002 1342 Reads Creative Writing

Enlightenment in Latin America

How Did The Enlightenment Effect Latin America? Enlightenment ideas in Latin America took place during the 1700’s to the early ...

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litlmutt Published on 04/05/2001 2214 Reads History

College Essay [Barnard College]

The members of the Committee on Admissions seek to gain an understanding of you as a person through a written essay. This essay i...

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jesssavestheday Published on 12/28/2001 1799 Reads Admissions Essays


An act utilitarian would go about determining their course of action by taking into account many factors. One factor that would be...

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nhutvo Published on 03/22/2002 945 Reads Social Issues

Human Pride

Hey everyone its 2002 and it's time for something new Now ya'll hear me out cuz i don't wanna shout Show some of your love to th...

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azn_scholar Published on 04/01/2002 1262 Reads Poems

Heimlich maneuver - My Dad Saved Me, I Saved My Brother, My Brother Saved Me...

Certain lessons that a child learns earlier in life will have a great effect on them later in life. For example, if a child learns...

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ramjnkns Published on 04/06/2002 1454 Reads Miscellaneous

All Quiet on the Western Front: An Anti-War Film

All Quiet on the Western Front is a film about a group of friends who enlist in the army. Through their service, the...

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masone4718 Published on 11/28/2004 2187 Reads All Quiet on the Western Front


John Travolta. Those two words used to send millions of women (and men) all around the world into a dancing frenzy back in the sev...

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Admin Published on 06/03/2000 1190 Reads Film

My Other Self

In "My Other Self" the essayist takes the reader on a journey through a girl’s torturous emotional problems during a short period ...

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screamingbutterfly Published on 05/03/2000 1431 Reads Poetry

The Crucible

Arthur Miller uses an abundance of irony in his play The Crucible. Irony in the crucible is shown at almost every aspect of the pl...

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Admin Published on 10/21/2000 1805 Reads The Crucible

Broken Heart

She sits and stares Those beautiful tears rolling by; Little did she realize that she was in a world where nobody bothers - ...

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shirleym Published on 04/25/2001 1539 Reads Poems

Brother Grim Taking the Merry Out of Fairy Tales

After reading the Brothers Grim version of “Cinderella” and viewing the film version of “Cinderella”, Everafter, one can distingui...

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Admin Published on 12/13/2000 1385 Reads Literature

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