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Term Papers 31 - 60

How To: Make a Proper Pot of Coffee

How-To Let me just say that I am addicted to coffee. I’ve got to have my daily fix at least several times a day; when I wake up,...

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Nategrey Published on 01/26/2005 2052 Reads Miscellaneous

'Gulliver's Travels'- A Satiric magnum opus of Swift.


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mamuna gul Published on 03/24/2005 3244 Reads Literature

Moving on

I scan the room, my drunken eyes taking it all in. I collapse onto a lounge and a cloud of dust surrounds me, making an already ha...

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lil_carlie Published on 03/28/2005 1214 Reads Creative Writing

Chicago Architectural and Planning Impact of Edward Bennett and Daniel Burnham

A report consisting of five pages examines the planning and architecture of turn of the century Chicago and the impact of Bennett ... ...

Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

Hard to believe that the simplest atom in the universe is used in the making of the most destructive weapon known to man i...

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paintbreak2000 Published on 11/16/2004 2216 Reads Technology

Short Essays

Some schools require you to write a series of short essays rather than submit a single personal statement. If this is the case for...

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EssayEdge Published on 01/07/2002 2398 Reads Lesson 3

Confucius' The Analects

In six pages this research paper discusses the Analects of Confucius. There are more than six sources cited in the bibliography.... ...


In ten pages Confucianism is examined in a consideration of its origins, schools of thoughts, principles, and rituals. There are ... ...

Development of Jane in part 1 and Rochester's increased feelings towards her

Throughout the first section of the novel, we are constantly reminded of the barriers in which Jane is suppressed by. Through this...

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BennyBoyThexton Published on 12/18/2005 2954 Reads Jane Eyre

Post Apartheid Sociopolitical Changes in South Africa

In eight pages Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela is used in this examination of modern South Africa and the political and soc... ...

Analysis of "I never say a moor" by Emily Dickinson

“I never saw a moor” is a short poem of only two quatrain stanzas. It is Emily Dickinson’s’ well thought out approach to try and e...

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fiwer Published on 03/29/2005 2317 Reads Poetry

A Fascist America: How Close Are We?

The idea that America is turning fascist has been popular on the Left for as long as I can remember: in the 1960s, when antiwar ra...

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winston Published on 03/24/2005 850 Reads Politics

Media’s affect on voters

Voters do not use their opinion because they are affected by the media. Most of the Americans vote for what they see in the newspa...

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vovochka1985 Published on 03/22/2005 1243 Reads Politics


Unlike most of the characters in this play, Hamlet displays unique ways of thinking, as well as a strange mentality towards loved ...

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Goose Published on 03/16/2005 978 Reads Hamlet

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men is one of Steinbeck’s best novels. John Steinbeck, born in Salinas, CA he goes back to that setting for this novel...

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Admin Published on 09/08/2000 1221 Reads Of Mice And Men

a man for all seasons monologue

Scene: After the trial, hours before his execution Oh this wretched place, it leaks…I suppose that’s the least of my worries (t...

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jmelee88 Published on 03/25/2005 2582 Reads Literature


/export/home/ did Shakespeare include the witches in Macbeth.doc...

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marshall007 Published on 02/24/2005 1790 Reads Admission Essay Writing Course

Globalization in the Philippines

Economic Globalization is something that has been with the human race ever since the world has begun. From local to global, we cou...

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marcus_0413 Published on 03/30/2002 5070 Reads Social Issues

Downs Syndrome

Downs Syndrome- A Chromosome Abnormality Aimee-Kate 3-2 In humans the Chromosome compliment is 46, however in a person with th...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 1945 Reads Biology

Dulce et Decorum Est

This poem was written by Wilfred Owen and is based on his situation in the trenches during World War One. I wish to discuss how Ow...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 2124 Reads Poetry


Ronald Reagan once said “I have noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.” This quote sums up exactly ho...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 2211 Reads Abortion

To Kill A Mocking Bird

“To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee is a novel set in the prejudice American town of Maycomb in the 1930’s. I feel she portrays...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 2630 Reads To Kill A Mockingbird

Housing Standards in Scotland

“How important were New Towns in improving the housing standards in Scotland after the Second World War?” After the Second Wor...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 1305 Reads History

"No Escape"

I stood shaking outside the room, slowly I shuffled through the door and felt thirty pairs of eyes fix on me. Too nervous to glanc...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 01/31/2005 1282 Reads Creative Writing

Another Nightless Sleep

============================================= The following was written on March 21st 2002: A N O T H E R _ N I ...

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halluciphile Published on 02/01/2005 1627 Reads Poetry

thinking about friendship

Some people think that they are good person and they can prove to be a good friend of any person. But in today’s context, it is so...

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kumarmall Published on 02/23/2005 1251 Reads Miscellaneous

Gold Standard Return?

In eight pages this paper examines the bull market in this consideration of whether or not there should be a return to the gold st... ...

Health Payment Systems and Economics

In eight pages the U.S. medical economy is examined within the context of HMOs and their impact. Seven sources are cited in the b... ...

Cultural Expressions of Tattoos and Body Piercing

In eight pages this paper examines how tattoos and body piercings are cultural representations. Seven sources are cited in the bi... ...

Interpretation of “This Is a Photograph of Me”

In the poem "This Is a Photograph of Me", Margaret Atwood attempts to depict the parallels between a picture slowly developing and...

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fiwer Published on 03/29/2005 4395 Reads Poetry