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My Inaugural Address on Judgment Day


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SecretRapture Published on 11/07/2005 1602 Reads Religion

SWTOR It's not Simply The actual Questing Which Needs Mental Work

The actual remarkable on the web environment known as Celebrity Conflicts isn't any prolonged seen basically just like a enjoyable...

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aroline Published on 09/04/2012 1884 Reads Business and Economics

Romeo and Juliet - A Film 1996

How does Baz Luhrman, the director, aim this film at a younger audience? “Romeo and Juliet” was a play originally written by Will...

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x-aimee-kate-x Published on 03/21/2005 2061 Reads Romeo And Juliet

Entires of an American Soldier (fictional)

These are journal entries of an American Solider named Private John G. Watson who was sent to Afghanistan to fig...

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jeffyboy Published on 10/25/2004 976 Reads Creative Writing

Contemporary History and the Monetary Policy of the United States

In eight pages the US monetary policy is discussed in an overview of government managing of interest rates, credit, supply, and al... ...


All I ever wanted from life, Was to watch the sun rise and fall. But I can only bow to the fife, And know I shall never grow t...

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Nosferatu Published on 10/25/2004 1293 Reads Poems

Communist Leaders Kim Il Sung of Korea and Mao Tse tung of China

In six pages this paper compares these Communist leaders in terms of similarities and the terrible famines resulting from their ru... ...

Acting Teacher Sanford Meisner

In six pages this paper discusses the acting techniques Sanford Meisner taught his students and also considers the teacher's legac... ...

Overview of Sigmund Freud's Life and Works

In five pages this paper examines Freud's life, his work, and his psychoanalytical theories. Four sources are cited in the bibl... ...

Berkeley Hoffmann's Albert Einstein Creator and Rebel

In this review of four pages Hoffmann's text is analyzed. There is no bibliography included with this paper.... ...

A Complete Albert Einstein Biography

In a paper consisting of seven pages the life and great achievement of this scientific genius are explored. There are seven bibli... ...

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jeffyboy Published on 10/21/2004 144 Reads American History

The Jouney of Huckleberry Finn

In many stories, the main character undergoes certain changes through his or her experiences. These changes occur because of a ma...

Saving Lives by Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In six pages this paper argues that lives were saved by the U.S. decision to drop atomic bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Six s... ...

13 reason for : "Why I am a Sikh"

In the paper "Why Sikhism"? I discussed my personal experiences in how I had dealt with issues in my life. I focused on myself as ...

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cool_sikh Published on 06/01/2002 945 Reads Religion

Love Hurts

Love? What is that, I often find myself wondering? About ten years ago I would have said it’s when a prince comes in his bright an...

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GenBek Published on 02/23/2005 1276 Reads Creative Writing

The Solow Paradox

Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The PRODUCTIVE HARDWARE The world is debating ...

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palma Published on 10/09/2000 1253 Reads Technology

No Compromise

Prayer before a game, “under God” as a part of the pledge, the Ten Commandments on school walls: are all of these really an endors...

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AliceMayo Published on 03/19/2005 1006 Reads Politics

Would Proportional Representation Strengthen the Republic

Charles Anderson Would Proportional Representation Strengthen the Republic? America, the world’s second oldest Republic, is ...

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Nategrey Published on 11/05/2004 1221 Reads Politics

Changes in Hester Prynne

The child, Pearl, is "a blessing and as a reminder of her sin." As if the scarlet A were not enough punishment there "was a brat o...

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Admin Published on 10/21/2000 1247 Reads The Scarlet Letter

What Price Freedom?

No country allows as much personal freedoms like the United States of America. The Supreme Court has passed laws which allow more ...

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hoch Published on 10/10/2000 1026 Reads American History

Hamlet - a Universal Man

The tragedy and situation in the play ‘Hamlet’ has been commented on as ‘universal.’ Audiences of many different cultures can enjo...

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aysha Published on 03/18/2001 1134 Reads Hamlet

Alcohol among our teenagers

This is a letter i wrote last christmas when i was bored addressed to the editor of a local newspaper in The Bahamas, where i live...

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ggd9 Published on 01/22/2005 1601 Reads Drugs And Alcohol

Charlie Chaplin's Life and Cinematic Contributions

In thirty pages this paper discusses the controversial actor and director's life, cinematic contributions, politics, and the legac... ...

Theologian John Duns Scotus' Life and Scholasticism School of Thought

In ten pages which also includes an outline of one page this theologian from the thirteenth century is considered in an overview o... ...

American Dream Invention of J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur

In six pages the inventor of the 'American Dream' myth is examined in a consideration of his contributions. Five sources are cite... ...

Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

In five pages this essay examines the controversial mayor and his political career. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.... ...

Admissions Essay for Duke University

Written by Geraldo Frazer Admissions Essay for Duke University and Saint Josephs University. The tranquil evening breeze...

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ggd9 Published on 01/22/2005 1549 Reads Admissions Essays

beautiful sex addict has written contract over verbal waiver


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rettinger Published on 10/25/2004 1226 Reads Social Issues

Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction The efficient way for teachers to teach students is to present information, skills, or c...

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johanna hollis Published on 01/25/2005 2624 Reads Admissions Essays