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The Puritan’s Lives Affected by Religion

Uploaded by pdpullmn612 on Dec 08, 2003

The Puritan’s Lives Affected by Religion

The Puritan’s Lives Affected by Religion
The religion affected every part of the Puritan’s lives. The church was the governing body of the people, and the Puritans had very strict moral codes. The children had to abbey the religious laws just as much as the adults obeyed the religious laws.
The Puritans came to colonial America to seek religious tolerance. However, the Puritan’s religion was not tolerant at all. It was against the law not to attend church. The services were very long and grueling as well. If you would fall asleep during a service you would be severely punished.

The Puritans had a very strict moral code. They believed in working very very hard. The people had to repress their emotions or opinions. Individual differences were frowned upon and were not even allowed. The Puritans thought that god would punish sinful behavior. The group believed that it was the person’s misfortune that they believed in the religion and the people would not help what so ever.

Along with the adults, the children had to obey the moral code. The children were expected to behave exactly the same as the adults. They were not allowed to show any signs of emotion such as excitement, fear, anger, and anger. If the kids were disobedient they would be severely punished for doing so. They rarely played as toys, games, and similar items were scarce and were considered sinful. The boys were allowed to apprentice to become a carpenters and craftsmen. The boys were also allowed to hunt and explore the outdoors. However, the girls had to stay home and help out the mother. They had to cook, clean, and sew.

Life under the Puritan religion was harsh, rigid, as well as unpleasant. The rules of church and the rigid moral code gave the children and adults very little freedom. Although they came to colonial America to seek religious freedom, they had in fact, put them selves in a worse religious situation than they were in before they had come over.

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Uploaded by:   pdpullmn612

Date:   12/08/2003

Category:   American History

Length:   2 pages (338 words)

Views:   1179

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The Puritan’s Lives Affected by Religion

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