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Stuck in the City

Uploaded by cblood on Jan 27, 2001

The Darkness of night,
Awoken by the rays of morning.
The bright light which everybody hates to look at,
But can’t live without.

Suddenly the city comes alive;
The traffic builds up.
Congestion and Pollution
Are just a couple of things that come to mind.

And yet you hit a point where everything goes slow,
And it is once again safe to cross the street.
You can wait in a queue,
And not have to breathe in the noxious fumes.

You think what a blessing it would be to live in the countryside,
No cars or skyscrapers, just you and your mind.
But how would you cope with the food,
And all modern gizmos, which you don’t know how to work!

And the fact that it would take an hour to get into the nearest village,
Just to get some milk and cheese you forgot this morning.
And another hour to drop your car off to get washed.
It’s not so bad when you forget things in the city.

Once again another mass of people wake up,
Getting ready for their meeting with what’s their name.
The city seems to resurrect from the dead and come back to life,
Feeding off heat and fumes.

But this time it’s more intense,
It’s nearly lunchtime.
The traffic is unbearable,
Queues miles long.

How are you going to get the other side of the city for lunch?
Why don’t you take the…
Bus? No. The train? I know,
Take the Metro.

Famous last words,
I hear you say.
Well on the Metro you go;
It runs from Monument to Haymarket. Great!

But oh no!
Crash, bang, crack.
Something’s happened;
“Have we crashed?” you say.

And then the driver comes over the PA,
Telling you that an engine has failed.
Oh Great!
Stuck in a rat-infested tunnel!

What else could happen?
No! Don’t say that,
As something may happen,
Knowing your luck.

Wait, the Metro’s moving,
No it’s… started again;
No stopped;
This time it’s for good.

I guess it’s just another sad day.
But that’s how it goes,
Some of us are happy,
And others are stuck in the city.

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Uploaded by:   cblood

Date:   01/27/2001

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (305 words)

Views:   1188

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