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Uploaded by JAZZ on Sep 14, 2002

The world rushes about me.
Yes, I say again, about me.
For am I not the center of it all?
Is this world not a dream?
Fluttering like a wind blown leaf.
Running its course for my amusement alone?
I watch the leaf in its endless dance.
And yet, I cannot change its course.
I have no say in where it blows.
And what of myself?
Am I naught but a pawn?
To be played by the amusement of all.
On the chess board that is life.
As the leaf ever moving?
And yet…no string has hold on my soul.
No shackle upon my neck.
I have found my freedom
And thus I am free in life.
Free to make my own decisions.
Free to believe.
Free to hope.
Free to fear.
No, no pawn am I.
Yet nor am I the hand that moves the game.
I am the board.
The Board of the chess game, the board of life.
This is my perception, this is the perception of all.
The world passes us by or so it seems.
Flashing in and out, an uncomprehending blur unto our eyes.
A chess game with no sides.
A game with no rules.
Each his or her own board and the world their pawns.
Each seeing themselves unmoving, and stationary.
And what of the other pawns?
They see the world likewise.
In truth this is their world.
In truth this is your world.
And even truer it is my world.
And anyone else who wishes to claim it,
Using the powerful tool
Of little renown
Yet used by all

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Uploaded by:   JAZZ

Date:   09/14/2002

Category:   Poems

Length:   1 pages (227 words)

Views:   1443

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