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Lowering the Drinking age................???

Uploaded by alim_87 on Dec 02, 2004

In “Coors urges lower drinking age” from The Washington Times, author Valerie Richardson compares and contrasts the different perspectives two candidates running for the senate have, about lowering the drinking age. The topics discussed in this article are worthy of examination because the issue of “lowering the drinking age” is not something that everyone agrees with. This leads us to analyze more the policies we have and criticize whether we thinks is right or wrong.
One of the man points in this article is that republican Pete Coos believes that lowering the drinking age will make adolescents drink more responsible. Mr. Coors stated:

People mature at different ages, you should be as horrified at your daughter drinking at 18 as at 21 if she’s not ready (Richardson, par. 5).

First of all we were all raised different, with different moral values, spiritual values and other things that might influence in our decisions. Therefore it shouldn’t matter if they lower the drinking age. A determined and mature person will act with responsibility no matter what.
Another major point is that Mr. Coors thinks that it will be better to reopen the debate and let the citizens decide. On the contrary, his rival opponent said:
The state did decide. There are several examples of where the federal government has tried to coerce Colorado into doing something and Colorado regularly ignores them (par. 9)

Every state should have their own policies and let their citizens decide, because they will be the one who would get benefit from it or get affected.
I disagree with the fact that Rep. Schaffer wants to increase the limits on drinking age. Many adolescents like to challenge the laws. If there is anything illegal they will just do it to be cool, or because they want to fit in. It will be almost invalid raising the age limit of drinking age from 18 to 21, because people are still going to do it. They are already use to this policy. Rep. Pete Coors said: “We got along fine for years with the 18 year old drinking age” (par.2). Also, the more you prohibit something the more tempted a person is. Additionally, if a person is able to by cigarettes at the age of 18, why wouldn’t you be able to buy beer? Cigarettes are as dangerous as alcohol. I...

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Uploaded by:   alim_87

Date:   12/02/2004

Category:   Social Issues

Length:   3 pages (563 words)

Views:   1686

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Lowering the Drinking age................???

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